Workwear for Aussie Workers

No matter how rough your work days are, whether you're digging up dusty roads or up to your ears in wastewater, what you wear to work matters. Workwear doesn't just present a united front, identifying your workmates as part of a unified crew, it's vital in ensuring the safety of every member of your team.

Australia prides itself on its high standards of workplace health and safety, and stringent requirements across the country ensure the safety of Australian workers day after day. If you work in a trade or heavy industry, here's some of the gear you'll come into contact with.


You'll find workwear shirts in a wide range of designs, from those intended to protect you from the midday sun to high-visibility and flame-retardant shirts. Durable button-down work shirts are also available, making sure you look great on the job, every day.


Thin and cool or heavily padded, your hi-vis vest may be the only thing standing between you and disaster. From lightweight, economical models to reversible and reflective works of art, whatever your pick, take it seriously and wear it with pride.


Overalls and coveralls are essential in many industries, and Aussie workers head off to work in an unimaginable range of overall styles, including lightweight and hi-vis varieties made to fit both men and women.

Shorts and Pants

Don't forget your legs. Whether you prefer your pants stubbie or long, your work pants do more than keep your legs warm. They present a great image at work and are durable enough to handle the rough treatment you'll dish out day after day.


On those cold winter mornings, you need protection to start the day. Whether it's a hi-vis jacket or a fleece lined hoodie, your workwear store will have you covered.


Boots are essential in staying safe on the job, and your workwear supplier can offer you a range of work boots, from zipped, laced and elasticised boots to hard-wearing, steel-capped boots.

Safety Gear

Finally, your work wardrobe wouldn't be complete without your safety gear. Your gloves, protective eyewear, ear muffs and hard hats complete your kit — and don't forget the sunscreen!

From the top of your head to the tips of your toes, great quality workwear will help you to handle the elements and keep you safe so that at day's end you'll return to your family in good shape.