Could outdoor blinds be right for your home?

Are you looking for a way to maintain the temperature of your home? If your property has large windows, keeping the building at a comfortable temperature can be difficult. On warm days the sun can stream through the windows, rapidly heating the room and making it unpleasant for everyone who must use it. On cooler days, windows can provide a way for warm air to escape from the room, cooling the space too rapidly and leaving a distinct chill in the air. Of course, temperature variations can be combated with an HVAC system, but running heating or air conditioning all day is expensive and undesirable. It is far better to find a way to combat unwanted heat transfer that doesn't involve non-stop use of electricity. One solution that has been embraced by many homeowners is outdoor blinds.

1. What are outdoor blinds?

Perhaps, you have seen blinds inside a friends home but have never thought about outdoor blinds or shutters. Inside the home, blinds are a popular alternative to curtains, but while they can be effective, they do have a few disadvantages. The most obvious disadvantage is the space consumed by the blind. Unless your home is large, you can't afford to waste valuable space.

With outdoor blinds, you can achieve the same result from the blinds, but save all the space that an indoor blind would have taken. A further benefit of outdoor blinds is that they can have tracks fitted along the edges of the blinds so that they remain in place, and complete window coverage is achieved. With blinds, you have no reason to be concerned about any glare slipping around the edges of the window and getting into the room.

2. Are there any other benefits of outdoor blinds?

Temperature control is a valuable benefit, but it is far from the only reason to think about fitting outdoor blinds. Light may not seem like a problem, but excess light can be a serious issue. If glare from the sun is entering a room you are trying to use, it can be difficult to see a computer screen or television. Glare can also adversely affect furniture and all soft furnishings, causing colours to fade and material to deteriorate. Solar radiation that accompanies the light can be harmful to human skin, eventually causing skin ageing and perhaps, skin cancer if it continues for an extended period. Outdoor blinds will completely cover your windows, providing the protection and the privacy that your family needs.

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