Top Features of Quality Self-Service Stocktaking Software

In the past, stocktaking was a manual affair, and the shortcomings of the manual system gave way to more advanced, automated stocktaking solutions. Over the years, software engineers have continued to collaborate with businesses to develop and customise self-service stocktaking software. Unfortunately, developing customised stocktaking software can be quite expensive for a new business. However, it does not mean you should settle for mediocre open-source software. This article offers a guide for selecting the best self-service stocktaking software. Read on to explore self service stocktake service.

Multi-Channel Selling Integration -- In this day and age where multi-channel selling rules the retail world, keeping track of your inventory can be challenging. For instance, consumers today prefer online shopping for convenience reasons. Thus, if you are operating stocktaking software that only factors one or two selling channels, then you will be forced to use other stocktaking methods for the remaining channels. Not only is it expensive, but consolidating data from various stocktaking platforms is also time-consuming. Investing in self-service stocktaking software that allows for multi-channel integration gives business owners powerful inventory control. You can optimise your inventory and order management from purchase to packaging and payment.  

Cloud-Based System -- Security and the need for real-time inventory data are the driving force behind stocktaking software. It is especially the case for a business that has several warehouses. Cloud-based stocktaking software offers business owners security and real-time reporting. Since cloud-based systems are encrypted, an unauthorised person can't gain access to your inventory data. Secondly, you can quickly and conveniently access inventory data on the go from any device with a cloud-based stocktaking system. For example, if you are on a business trip and need to confirm the inventory at your warehouse in another town, you can quickly log in to the warehouse's account and download real-time reports.  

Notification System -- Even if you maintain a strict restocking program, there is always a chance that your stock will go below the recommended volume at some point. It can disrupt your entire operation because suppliers do not supply on a whim. Therefore, lean businesses should invest in self-service stocktaking software with alert capabilities. Such a system ensures you are alerted every time stock goes down below the preset volume, hence making the business run efficiently. If the software can be used on various platforms -- tablet, personal computer, smartphone -- the better since you can receive alerts on any internet-enabled device.