3 Insider Tips to Purchase the Perfect Waterfront Deck

Life at the lakeside is fun, but getting out onto the lake is what's more thrilling. If you own a lakefront cabin, you may consider installing a pontoon dock to experience the deeper parts of the water which are ideal for sunbathing, swimming, boating or fishing, etc. You may want to purchase a new water deck for your cabin or replace the creaky old one. 

If that's the case, consider the tips below before you buy the ideal water deck:

Analyse Your Immediate Needs

Your first task is determining what you'll use your waterfront dock for, before anything else. Your usage intentions will determine the style, shape and size of your deck. If you must accommodate many people onboard, you may consider going for a large sundeck. However, if you only need it for your boat access, consider choosing a simple one. Besides, if you own multiple boats, select slips that allow easier access to and from your boating vessels. 

Alternatively, choose a more extended marina if you plan to tie your kayak, fishing boat or canoe on your deck. Also, you will need to shop for a more extensive fixed dock if you own a larger boat. While shopping, you'll notice that the cost, construction material and size may vary significantly for different water decks. 

Shopping for Your Dock

After analysing your needs, it's time to shop around for the right dock. Ensure you don't fall into the temptation of buying your deck based on price alone. There are various quality levels as well as price ranges you'll find on the market. Understand your needs and consider long-term plans before buying a dock. Safety is crucial too, and your dock must not sway while you're walking or standing on it. 

Additionally, longevity is essential when shopping for docks, and it'll be wise to ask around for recommendations. Go for decks that have a longer lifespan, but watch out for costs since options with amenities such as electricity, built-in seating and running water may be quite expensive. Prepare to ask many questions to avoid buying decks that would fail after a short period.

Installation and maintenance

Before striking a purchase deal with your dock dealer, consider the installation and maintenance aspects. You may require a wrench to install heavy-duty or low-profile dock products. For easier dock system change, choose a company that offers a quick-connect mechanism. Furthermore, maintenance is of great importance, and some plastic docks may require frequent power washing and scrubbing. The decking material used will determine the type of maintenance care needed.

These are the three insider tips when purchasing your perfect waterfront deck.