Top Open Boat Accessories That Boat Sellers Should Offer Customers

People live near rivers and lakes for different reasons, such as the love for open boats. Open boats are light and can, therefore, be loaded on a truck, ute, or camper trailer without adding any significant weight. Additionally, open boats handle well and don't consume a lot of fuel. This makes the vessels some of the most economical boats on the market. However, boat sellers should do more than sell stock open boats, and selling accessories attracts more buyers. This article highlights critical open boat accessories your customers will love as add-ons on their open boats.

Hull Wraps

The hull of an open boat is designed and manufactured to withstand adverse marine conditions. Therefore, it doesn't rust easily nor pose a threat to marine life. However, open boat hulls aren't the most visually attractive surfaces, even though most boat enthusiasts don't mind it. Although boat owners have the option of painting the hull with decorative paint, there is no guarantee that the paint will be safe for marine life. Therefore, boat sellers are better placed to provide an alternative, and hull wraps are exactly what customers need. These are protective, decorative self-adhesive vinyl or films applied on a boat's hull. Wraps come in a variety of designs and colours, and the options are easy to apply and maintain. Additionally, hull wraps help maintain a boat's resale value.

Canopies/Storm Covers

Weather conditions change fast while out at sea, and getting caught in a storm in an open boat is not the best experience. It forces boat owners to cut short their time in the water and restrict their time to indoor activities. Boat canopies offer a reprieve to boat owners since they do an excellent job protecting a boat operator from weather elements. The best part is that canopies have attachments that double up as front and side curtains for protecting against the sun and rain. Ensure that you carry storm covers in different colours so that customers can match them with their boats.

Folding Lounge

As mentioned earlier, open boats are not the biggest of vessels; therefore, there is not enough room to install a standard lounge. This can be very uncomfortable, especially for boat owners that want to relax while they wait for fish to bite a bait. Why not come to the rescue of your customers by selling folding lounge benches? The benches fit snug at the rear of a boat and can fold easily when not in use. This means that boat owners don't have to worry about the lounge taking up the already limited space.

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