Top Open Boat Accessories That Boat Sellers Should Offer Customers

People live near rivers and lakes for different reasons, such as the love for open boats. Open boats are light and can, therefore, be loaded on a truck, ute, or camper trailer without adding any significant weight. Additionally, open boats handle well and don't consume a lot of fuel. This makes the vessels some of the most economical boats on the market. However, boat sellers should do more than sell stock open boats, and selling accessories attracts more buyers.

3 Insider Tips to Purchase the Perfect Waterfront Deck

Life at the lakeside is fun, but getting out onto the lake is what's more thrilling. If you own a lakefront cabin, you may consider installing a pontoon dock to experience the deeper parts of the water which are ideal for sunbathing, swimming, boating or fishing, etc. You may want to purchase a new water deck for your cabin or replace the creaky old one.  If that's the case, consider the tips below before you buy the ideal water deck: